Kate Middleton Skincare Habits Are Finally Revealed

Kate Middleton’s beauty secrets remain a mystery for many people. It is hard to imagine how a woman who already has 2 kids, is pregnant with the third one and is over 30 years old, can be so fresh and radiant all the time. She must have found the fountain of endless youth or something.

Kate and William are always on the spotlight. The paparazzi never fail to catch exclusive photos of the couple and most of the times the focus is mainly on Kate. Each of the Duchess’ appearance is analyzed in detail and critics never miss an opportunity to tell their opinion. Therefore, Kate cannot fail to look flawless all the time.

What Is Kate Middleton’s Skincare Secret?

First of all, Kate does not like beauty products that make her look polished. As everyone already observed, she prefers a natural, clean look. Her beauty advisers do everything they can to keep this natural line of her and so they recommend her mainly organic certified products. That’s why she only use the all natural Kate Middleton wrinkle remover.

Whether she is participating to an extravagant event or she is just joining her husband for a visit, Kate always keeps a neat line when it comes to her skin. For the Duchess everything starts with a moisturizing all-natural night elixir.

The organic serum contains only natural ingredients. Kate is very peaky when it comes to the list of ingredients and so she always makes sure that the products she uses are certified. This night serum it is made of several plants known to reduce inflammation and dryness. If we look at Kate’s glowing skin, we can definitely say that this product does its job.

In addition, the Duchess is a fan of oxygen-infused products. She gets her fresh glow thanks to a special line of oxygen therapy products. Even when she comes off the plain, after an exhausting flight, these products will help her look fresh.

Another product that she always carries in her bag is the rosehip oil. Kate is an absolute fan of this oil and she is actually the one who increased its popularity a lot. 2-3 drops of rosehip oil are enough to obtain a glowing skin like Kate’s. This oil is known to reduce fine line and wrinkles. The Duchess even confessed how she kept her natural beauty during her pregnancy with Princess Charlotte thanks to this product.

How Did Kate Middleton Kept A Radiant Skin During Pregnancy?

Kate confessed that during the two pregnancies her skin became more sensitive. The first pregnancy was a bit difficult because she had to test various options until she found the perfect product for her.

Apart from the rosehip oil, she counted also on a moisturizing day cream. What is really great about this cream is that she picked one that everyone can find in the hypermarkets. She took also into consideration that the cream should contain SPF factor. As she is traveling a lot, Kate considered it an important aspect that she could not miss.

In conclusion, Kate Middleton is a perfectly normal person. Even though she is a member of the royal family and could buy any expensive beauty product, she prefers to keep things simple. She is definitely an example to follow.