20 Ways To Lose Those Love Handles

Who doesn’t like to have that perfect love handles, we all have them, but most of us are struggling to get a sight at it because of the fats that have accumulated over it. Even if you do like 1000 crunches every day, you will not get rid of that extra fat on your love handles. You need to decrease the overall body mass, and this will only be possible if you try these 20 ways of burning fat.

  1. You need to walk for about 25 minutes a day and this need to be kept separate from your routine workout.
  2. If you have stairs in your home then try running up and down them for straight 20 minutes, this will get you really sweaty and of course a lot of fat as well.
  3. Get a pedometer to calculate your steps and aim for about 10,000 steps every day.
  4. Go for a gardening activity for your every day routine, even if it just clearing your garden area.
  5. Swimming is great so 10 minutes of every day swimming will be just fine.
  6. In your workout routine, do 30 seconds of side planks for every side.
  7. Avoid having any fizzy drinks and avoid taking any form of soda.
  8. When you exercise, give some extra time to your sides.
  9. Cardio training is great for belly fat so do about 20 minutes of every day cardio.
  10. Avoid refined wheat products or any other refined products; prefer eating their raw and unprocessed form.
  11. Wash your car at least three times a day because this whole activity involves great workout from almost every part of your body.
  12. When you go out with your kids, little ones, prefer carrying them in your arms and walking like that.
  13. Keep a cycling machine or just put your bike in stationery position and pedal for about 10-15 minutes every day.
  14. We all like music so instead of just listening to it, make sure you do some dance moves too.
  15. Jump rope is great exercises so do include it in your daily routine, even if for just 10 minutes.
  16. Quit the appetizer, entrée and dessert routine; take your appetizer as the main meal and go for a light sweet afterwards.
  17. Drink lots of water, about 8-12 glasses of water every day because it will give you all the energy that you need for that intensive activity throughout the day.
  18. If you are used to smoking then just quit it today. Smoking not only affects your metabolism but also makes you lazy and drains your body of the energy that is needed for daily workout sessions.
  19. There is no need to do those boring reps. Go over the internet and choose a video that you like and practice is daily as your workout.
  20. Take an active part in doing house chores and just generally playing with your kids; basically stay active throughout the day.

These twenty ways will assist you in losing those love handles quickly bu burning fat in that area. However, you need to follow these methods consistently to lose the love handles.